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Digital Ear Thermometer Probe Cover, 40 pcs/box
Description Latex-Free Probe Covers fit the Tender Temp Digital Ear Thermometer an..
Rp. 150,000
Microlife  BP 3 BJ1-4D
Clinically Tested Accuracy Rated MAM Technology (Microlife Average Mode) 60 Memories 2 Ye..
Rp. 825,000
Microlife Adaptor for BPM
Microlife Adaptor for Blood Pressure Monitor ..
Rp. 125,000
Microlife BP 3 BM1-4D
2 Users BPM with Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD), Microlife Average Mode (MAM), 99 memory ..
Rp. 925,000
Microlife BP 3AQ1
Tekanan Darah Microlife Otomatis Monitor (BP 3AQ1) adalah, sepenuhnya otomatis tekanan darah digi..
Rp. 875,000
Microlife BP A100 PLus
Fully automatic upper-arm digital home or clinic use blood pressure monitor One-touch operati..
Rp. 1,500,000
Microlife BP AGI 20
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Stetoscope ..
Rp. 300,000
Microlife BP W 100
The Microlife BP W100 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the first wrist blood pressure device t..
Rp. 975,000
Microlife BP-3AP1-3E
Talking BPM with Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD),       &..
Rp. 975,000
Microlife BP3BRI-3E
Long Shape Black BPM            &..
Rp. 650,000
Microlife Digital Ear Thermometer Probe Covers - 40 Pack
Pack of 40 Microlife probe covers for use with Microlife IR 1DE1 ear thermometer. These..
Rp. 150,000
Microlife Ear Digital Thermometer IR 1DB1
Microlife Ear Digital Thermometer (IR IDB1) RSP-MYR189.00   Microlife Ear Digital Th..
Rp. 495,000
Microlife IR 100 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer
Infrared digital medical ear thermometer 0 - 100 °C - IR 100 1 second measurement Probe c..
Rp. 575,000
Microlife IR 1DE1-1 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer
Product Description for Microlife IR 1DE1-1 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer The Microlife Pr..
Rp. 600,000
Microlife Pen Light
Microlife Pen Light ..
Rp. 125,000
Microlife Tensimeter BP A200
Upper arm automatic blood pressure monitor BP A200 AFIB Blood pressure & pulse measurem..
Rp. 1,750,000
Microlife WatchBP 03 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Microlife WatchBP O3 (Out-Of-Office): a highly affordable, clinically-validated ambulatory bl..
Rp. 45,000,000
Microlife WatchBP Home
WatchBP Home Doctors solution to get patients home BP Fully automatic measurement p..
Rp. 3,950,000
Microlife WatchBP Office ABI
Description product The WatchBP Office ABI is a validated professional automatic office b..
Rp. 47,500,000
Mocrolife Manset for BPM
Mocrolife Manset for Blood Pressure Monitor ..
Rp. 175,000