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Omron Ultra Premium Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7221

Omron Ultra Premium Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7221

Brand: Omron
Product Code: HEM-7221
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 2,172,500


  1.      Close indicator irregular heart
  2.      Displays the blood pressure level indicator
  3.      90 memory with date and time
  4.      Featuring dual check system
  5.      Displays usage signals cuff
  6.      Can detect body movements
  7.      Can detect an average of last 3 measurements
  8.      Long lasting battery (1000 times measurement)
  9.      Cuff "Fit Cuff", making it easier and convenient


l Check System
Dual Check System informs users whether the measuring sensor is working correctly.

The device has 2 pressure sensors which checks on each's accuracy, and LED will light to indicate that the device works correctly.

It offers users with accurate and anxiety-free daily BP measurement, without doubt & concern about device malfunction.

Cuff Wrapping Guide
This monitor checks whether the cuff is applied correctly during the inflation.
When the cuff is applied correctly, is displayed while taking a measurement or using the memory function
If the cuff is not applied correctly, is displayed.

Blood Pressure Level Indicator
For easy interpretation of blood pressure readings. Recent studies show that systolic or diastolic pressure values above 135 systolic/ 85 diastolic mmHg indicate high blood pressure.


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