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MAXIScope Classic Adult Stethocope

MAXIScope Classic Adult Stethocope

Brand: Cardiochek
Product Code: PAR.MC
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 1,315,000

MAXIScope Classic Adult Light Green Stethocope

MAXIScope Classic Adult Light Green Stethocope. The MAXIScope Classic Stethoscope features dual tubing and is typically recommended for those individuals that have difficulty hearing, the hearing impaired or mature medical professionals. This model excels in medically challenging situations, allowing accurate assessment in noisy environments, during emergencies or when assessment on skin is not an option. MAXIScope is an excellent pressure-sensitive single-sided stethoscope for physical assessment. The solid, rounded, crack resistant delrin head moves easily between auscultation sites. 30” length from top to bottom. At 5.8 oz the MAXIScope is significantly light weight, comparable to those advertised as “lightweight.” MAXIScope Stethoscope Features: High Quality, Soft Eartips (extra pair included), Retaining Ring - Chrome plated, threaded retaining ring that screws on base of delrin polymer head. Diaphragm - Translucent, flexible diaphragm. Tubing made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and is completely Latex Free. Extra set of Ear Tips and Name Tag. FREE Replacement Parts for Lifetime. Lifetime Warranty.

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