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Benice Beauty Facial Steamer
Benice Beauty Facial Steamer Benice Beauty Facial Steamer Benice Beauty Facial Steamer

Benice Beauty Facial Steamer

Brand: Benice
Product Code: BBFS
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 165,000

Benice facial steamer salon -style treatment rooms at a cheap price . Benice facial steamer cleaning , toning , and aid relaxation faces .

Create a super busy but want to face is always fresh and interesting every day ? ? known potent way is to do a facial steamer , namely facial sauna or evaporation .

The benefits of a sauna or evaporation on the skin :

1 . Steam heat put out the skin , dead skin cells open , and makes them bernapas.Semua dirt on the face will come out through this process .

2 . Steaming the face or facial sauna can help get rid of komedo.Lakukan evaporation on face for 5-10 minutes and then use a scrub .

3 . Steaming the face or facial sauna can help heal hot jerawat.Uap secrete sebum is trapped within the follicle kulit.Efeknya , so the skin free from dirt and acne .

4 . Steaming the face or facial sauna can help fight penuaan.Seiring age , dead skin out so it is difficult to make the face look dull and tua.Steaming can moisturize the face , against dry skin , tightens the skin and removes dead skin .

5 . Helps absorbing vitamin prev wearing face masks

6 . Relaxation . After doing steaming 4-5 minutes , you will feel relaxed and santai.Kemudian 30 minutes brush the ice cubes around wajah.Ini can suppress the growth of acne on the skin .

so by doing facial steamer you will get so many benefits , removing dirt , get rid of blackheads , mengecilakn pores , relaxation and your face will stay young .

for stubborn blackheads before in a facial steamer is excellent for on / in steam first , it will open the pores of the skin making it easier ngengeluarkan TSB stubborn blackheads .

Benice mini facial steamer is shaped petite , small , easy to carry anywhere , really unique ! expensive than passable facial salon to steam at home aja ^ _ ^ more efficient . and also mini facial steamer Benice electricity using only 100w . please try and feel the sensation in the salon ga deh ama lost .

How to use:

1 . Wash your face first
2 . Fill tool with mineral water , plugged into the mains
3 . Micromist Steam will come out of the appliance
4 . Put a face to tool around 10min
5 . Feel result face more supple , bright , and you shrink the face pori2 with regular use

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