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Microlife IR 1DE1-1 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer

Microlife IR 1DE1-1 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer

Brand: Microlife
Product Code: IR 1DE1-1
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 600,000

Product Description for Microlife IR 1DE1-1 Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer

The Microlife Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer IR1DE1-1 is a high quality product incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. It is intended for the periodic measurement and monitoring of human body temperature in the home and for use on people of all ages

Advantages of Microlife Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer
1) Measurement in 1 second
The innovative infrared thechnology allows measurement of ear temperature in only 1 second

2) Accurate and reliable
The unique probe assembly construction, incorporating an advanced infrafred sensor ensure that each measurement is accurate and reliable

3) Probe Cover Free
Since a probe cover is not required with this thermometer, it makes using the IR 1DE1-1 more user friendly and more cost effective

4) Multiple Use (Wide Range Measurement)
It offers a wide measurement range feature from 0°C to 100.00°C (32.0°F to 212.0°F), meaning  the unit can be used as an ear thermometer to measure body temperature, but also can be used to measure surface temperature of following objects:
●Milk surface temperature in baby's bottle
●Surface temperature of baby's bath
●Ambient temperature

5) Gentle and Easy to Use
● Special ergonomic design enables simple and easy use of the thermometer
● It can be used without interference to daily lifestle. A measurement can be taken even while a child is sleeping
● It is pleasant to use for the children
● It is less threatening to a child than a rectal thermometer and more pleasant to use than an oral thermometer

6) Auto- Display Memory
The last reading is automatically displayed for 2 seconds when the unit is switched ON

7) Multiple Reading Recalls
Users will be able to recall the last 12 readings when entering the recall mode, enabling efficient tracking of temperature variations

8) Safe and Hygienic
● No risk of broken glass or mercury ingestion
● Completely safe for use on children
● Cleaning of the probe tip can be done with an alcohol-moistened cotton tissue, making this thermometer completely hygienic for use by the whole family

9) Fever Alarm
10 short beeps alert the patient that he/she may have fever

10) Silent Glow
The LCD will turn red once the measured temperature is higher than 37.5°C to alert the patient might have a fever. The LCD will stay green when the measured temperature is lower than 37.5°C


Model No: IR IDE1-1 Size: 153 (W) x 31(L) x 40 (H) mm Gross Weight: 53g (with battery) Battery: 1 piece CR 2032

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