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Karet Alat Bantu Jalan
Karet Alat Bantu Jalan ..
Rp. 25,000
Karet Tongkat kaki 3 atau 4
Karet Tongkat kaki 3 atau 4 ..
Rp. 15,000
Karet Tongkat Ketiak
Karet Tongkat Ketiak ..
Rp. 25,000
Karet Tongkat Lipat
Karet Tongkat Lipat ..
Rp. 20,000
Mocrolife Manset for BPM
Mocrolife Manset for Blood Pressure Monitor ..
Rp. 175,000
Omron AC Adapter to Suit Arm Monitors
Omron AC Adaptor: 6 volt / 1amp Omron AC Adaptor Suits most Omron Automatic Upper..
Rp. 220,000
Omron Air Plug for All Model of Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor
- Compatible with all models of arm type blood pressure monitor *No Warranty ..
Rp. 28,500
Omron Easy Fit Cuff For IA1 Size M
Omron Easy Fit Cuff S to M: Suits arm circumference 17 – 32cm (small - medium size..
Rp. 343,000
Omron Easy Fit Cuff Medium to Large
Omron Easy Fit Cuff M to L: Suits arm circumference 22 – 42cm (medium – large size..
Rp. 343,000
Omron Large Cuff CL24
Omron Large Blood Pressure Cuff Suits arm circumference 32 – 42cm Latex fr..
Rp. 240,000
Omron Medium Cuff CR24
Omron Standard Cuff: Suits arm circumference 22 – 32cm Latex free ..
Rp. 180,000
Omron Paper Roll for T9P
- For blood pressure monitor T9P printer *No Warranty Isi 5 Roll ..
Rp. 180,000
Omron TENS Long Life Pads
Omron TENS Long Life Pads Omron HVF Long Life Pads are for use with all Omron TENS devi..
Rp. 450,000